In a grim cyberpunk world where deceit and betrayal are commonplace, a ruthless battle rages among powerful corporations. Hacks and cyber-attacks are part of everyday life, as rival companies attempt to sabotage each other.

In this world characterized by corruption and greed, secrets and information become the most valuable currency. Hackers and tech experts are the modern-day Robin Hoods, attempting to support the oppressed by infiltrating corporate systems and stealing sensitive data. This data can be used as a weapon to blackmail the corporations or expose their dark deeds.

However, the price for such rebellions is high. Betrayal and intrigue are ubiquitous, and even within the hacker community, there is mistrust and rivalry. Everyone is in search of the next big score, the ultimate hack that could shake the existing order.

Yet they must remain ever vigilant, for the corporations have spies everywhere. In a world where nothing is as it seems, the truth is at stake, and every step can have fatal consequences.

In the dystopian realm of shadows and circuits, a formidable cast of characters emerges, ready to take center stage:


Netrunner - Hacker Genius

Lara Glahuk


Netrunner - Hacker

Tatiana Feldmann


Solo, Nomad - Mercenary

Alexander Seidmann

Introducing Ophelia, the genius hacker with unparalleled skills in cracking the most impenetrable systems.

With her razor-sharp intellect and a knack for exploiting vulnerabilities, she's the digital maestro who can unravel the deepest secrets of the corporate behemoths.

Joining her is Niva, the Hacker Girl, a prodigy of code and algorithms. With her youthful energy and boundless curiosity, she fearlessly dives into the tangled webs of cyberspace. Armed with an arsenal of custom-made gadgets and an uncanny ability to find loopholes, she's the embodiment of the hacker spirit, always one step ahead of her adversaries.

Enter Dima, the Solo, Nomad-Mercenary, a rugged and enigmatic figure. Equipped with cybernetic enhancements and a repertoire of lethal combat skills, serving as a lone wolf for hire. Dima's hardened demeanor and battle-tested instincts make him an unpredictable force, feared by both the corporate enforcers and his foes alike.

In this cinematic journey through the neon-lit maze of intrigue and danger, our cast will face relentless challenges, heart-stopping action sequences, and moral dilemmas that will test their resolve.

Together, they will rewrite the rules of this gritty universe and inspire a new generation to rise against the shadows and reclaim their freedom.